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Node JS – Perfect for Expanding Your Customer Base and Increasing Data Loads

If your customer base or data load is increasing then you need web app solutions that are scalable, high performing, and secure. Node JS is especially beneficial for businesses in the start up phase because it offers code reusability and a faster develop time, which saves you money and resources.

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What us Node JS?

Node JS is a JavaScript Framework built on Google Chromes V8 Engine. It is one of the latest and most powerful solutions that can handle vertical slits, and offers code reuse options. Node JS is considered to be on par with PHP, but is loaded with more features and functions.

Benefits of Node JS

Node JS can increase the productivity of web apps running on a manifold. If you are looking to create real-time multi-user apps, like chat apps or games, then Node JS is the perfect tool for you. Being open source and fast to develop, Node JS saves considerable time, effort and money for the business. It also has the huge benefit of having a vast repository of tools, and ready to use modules

Make Node JS work for you

Enjoy the advantages of Node JS by partnering with the right tech partner, who can create and deliver Node JS web applications and solutions for you in order to put you ahead of the competition. IndyLogix Solutions is one of the best Node JS Development companies in India, with vast experience in delivering cutting edge projects.

How IndyLogix is the best choice for you

Our sound tech team is highly trained and experienced in various conventional and futuristic technologies, proven development and process systems, global quality standards, international presence, and vast domain experience. IndyLogix is one of the top-rated IT solutions and service providers in India. No challenge is too difficult. No project is too complex. We are strong believers in continuous learning, and challenging ourselves to stay sharp and relevant.

Web Design and Development Agency Sydney

Node.JS Services We Offer

  • Node JS Development
  • Node.JS API Development & Integration
  • Web/Mobile App Development using Node.JS
  • Node.JS Maintenance & Support
  • Node JS Consulting and Maintenance
  • Node JS QA & Testing
  • Hire Node JS Developer

Our Range of Engagement Models

  • Fixed Cost
  • Dedicated Developer
  • Hourly Hire

Fixed Cost Engagement Model

Our fixed cost model is ideal for simple to medium complexity projects, in which you have a complete idea of the scope, time, and budget to begin with. This model us perfect for those customers who know exactly what they want, when they want it, and how they want it executed.

At IndyLogix, we have well-established and transparent project management systems that keep you up-to-date with the status of your project.

How it works

Requirement and Scope – Once we have received your project requirements, we will send you an estimate for the cost and time required to complete your project based on the scope.

Finalizing the Details – After discussing your project requirements with you, we will send you an exact final quote based on the scope, schedule, and other terms of the project.

Project Commencement – Your project is divided into smaller phases for ease of monitoring and payments. We do not encourage our customers to deviate from the original plan, but in the event that something comes up, we will follow our operation procedure. Any such changes will automatically result in changes to the cost and schedule of the project.

Completion and Execution – Once the coding of your project is completed, we run it through a series of rigorous QA tests. Your project will then be delivered to you upon payment.

Why this model is best for you

  • Best suited for small to medium sized projects
  • Higher transparency
  • Lower risks due to the high predictability of the outcome
  • No nasty surprises because there is little to no change over the duration of your project
  • You give all the input and feedback
  • Time and cost-effective model
  • Follows the Waterfall model of development

Dedicated Developer Model

This model is perfect for reducing costs, while also maintaining quality and control over the development at the same time. You can choose to higher a dedicated developer or team of offshore developers to help manage and monitor the tasks and overall project. With this model, you get the best value for your money, as well as high levels of security and privacy.

How it works

Define your requirements – We will give you access to our quality resources from our pool of expert developers, so you can interview and select whom you would like to work with.

Assign, Monitor, and Interact – Since you will be able to work closely with your developers, you will also be able to assign tasks and track each step of your project. Our timesheets are completely transparent and are regularly updated and uploaded for your viewing purposes. You can also conduct weekly or bi-weekly review meetings with the dedicated developers to ensure project progress and success.

Why This Model Is Best For You

  • Suited for ongoing projects
  • Lower costs
  • Hire from a ready pool of qualified tech team
  • 24/7 access and connectivity with the team
  • Flexibility in scaling resources
  • High control of resources and project
  • You manage the tasks and project
  • Suits both onsite and offshore options

Hourly Hire Model

Our hourly hire model is perfect for projects where you don’t have all the information or the project involves a lot of integration over several iterations. More popularly known as the Time and Material Model, this model is great for projects when the requirements and scope keep changing, and there is no clear vision of the final output. This is also the best option for projects that support dynamic market conditions or new technologies.

How it works

Requirement Specification – Once you have specified the approximate project requirements, we will offer you our resources at a fixed per hour rate; however, other material costs may not be included.

Monitor, manage, modify, and execute – This model gives you a good level of control, allowing you to scale the resources as you need (within the predetermined minimum and maximum range).

Why this model is best for you

  • Pay only for the hours worked on your project
  • Unlimited flexibility
  • More control on deliverables and cost
  • Support Agile model of development
  • Suited for projects that are large or are spread over a long-time frame

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At IndyLogix, our goal is to provide top quality services and complete solutions in cutting edge IT technology at the best competitive rates. That is why we only hire the best tech minds in the industry.

Over the next five years, we plan on growing into one of the top Indian IT Offshore Solutions providers for the leading IT giants across the world.

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