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Indylogix is one of the leading and oldest WordPress development companies based in India; offering highly qualified and experienced WordPress developers at competitive rates. hire WordPress expert?from us to managing complex projects, core code customization, theme creation, and customization as well as plugin development.

You may?hire dedicated WordPress developer?from us to take care of your smallest to enterprise-level solutions on a part-time or full-time hire basis.

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What to Expect

WordPress Blogs and Websites

Get your WordPress blogs and websites built using the latest WordPress plugins and versions by a highly dedicated WordPress developer. The WordPress developer will directly communicate and build a solution to match your needs

eCommerce Websites

WordPress is one of the most cost-effective solutions to build your eCommerce website. If you are looking to build your website with a limited budget and timeline, hire our dedicated WordPress developers to build the quick eCommerce solution for you along with Payment integration and order management.

Support and Maintenance

We are ready to take care of the support and maintenance of your WordPress work. Take the benefits of our on-time WordPress Website maintenance and support services to meet your business objectives under all the cases.

Migrate to WordPress

WordPress is such a popular and cost-effective CMS solution that can help you to keep digital identity intact. If you want to migrate your existing website in WordPress, hire our dedicated WordPress developer now who can help you to build and maintain your WordPress website.

Web Design and Development Agency Sydney

Why Hire a Dedicated Wordpress Offshore Resource

  • Qualified Engineers/Dedicated Developers
  • Flexible Hiring Models
  • Source Code Authorization
  • Strict NDA Terms
  • 24*7 CCTV Access
  • Complete Control over the Resource
  • Comprehensive Reporting
  • Quick Team Scaling
  • Ready-to-use Infrastructure
  • Security and IP Protection
  • Quality Assured Solutions
  • Experts Developers in Varied Technologies
  • Cost effective & guaranteed communication
  • Working with multiple Web Development platform
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Our Range of Engagement Models

  • Dedicated Wordpress Developer Model
  • Hourly Hire Wordpress Developer Model

Dedicated Developer Model

This WordPress Programming model is perfect for reducing costs, while also maintaining quality and control over the development at the same time. You can choose to hire a dedicated developer or team of offshore WordPress developers to help manage and monitor the tasks and overall project. With this WordPress Programming model, you get the best value for your money, as well as high levels of security and privacy.

How it works

Define your requirements – We will give you access to our quality resources from our pool of dedicated WordPress developers, so you can interview and select whom you would like to work with.

Assign, Monitor, and Interact – Since you will be able to work closely with your dedicated WordPress developers, you will also be able to assign tasks and track each step of your WordPress project. Our timesheets are completely transparent and are regularly updated and uploaded for your viewing purposes. You can also conduct weekly or bi-weekly review meetings with the dedicated WordPress developers to ensure project progress and success.

Why This Model Is Best For You

  • Suited for ongoing projects
  • Lower costs
  • Hire from a ready pool of qualified tech team
  • 24/7 access and connectivity with the team
  • Flexibility in scaling resources
  • High control of resources and project
  • You manage the tasks and project
  • Suits both onsite and offshore options

Hourly Hire Model

Our hourly hire WordPress Developer model is perfect for projects where you don’t have all the information or the project involves a lot of integration over several iterations. More popularly known as the Time and Material Model, this WordPress model is great for projects when the requirements and scope keep changing, and there is no clear vision of the final output. This is also the best option for WordPress projects that support dynamic market conditions or new technologies.

How it works

Requirement Specification – Once you have specified the approximate WordPress project requirements, we will offer you our resources at a fixed per hour rate; however, other material costs may not be included.

Monitor, manage, modify, and execute – This model gives you a good level of control on your WordPress Project, allowing you to scale the resources as you need (within the predetermined minimum and maximum range).

Why this model is best for you

  • Pay only for the hours worked on your WordPress project
  • Unlimited flexibility
  • More control on deliverables and cost
  • Support Agile model of development
  • Suited for WordPress projects that are large or are spread over a long-time frame

“Online Money Transfer Web App, CMS”

“IndyLogix has provided my company with a range of IT services from website development to CMS systems. IndyLogix has a very good understanding of business requirements and can interact easily with clients to feed the technical information to their team. The standard of work is to a high quality and their availability (even during out of office hours) sets him apart from competitors providing similar services. It is therefore easy to work around my timescales. Highly recommend.”

Kantipur Services Limited,

Baljung Aryal, UK

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Hire WordPress Developer FAQ

  • Why Hire Wordpress Developers?

    A proficient WordPress developer has enough knowledge to create a well-functioning website. He has the ability to take good care of everything associated with a website right from the development phase to theme management and code customization. Hence, you can get a website that is user-friendly and quite serviceable.

  • How Many Developers Can I Hire For My Project?

    It depends on your requirement and the size of your project.

  • Can I Hire Dedicated Wordpress Developers In Less Than 48 Hours?

    Yes, you can hire a dedicated developer from our company in the least possible time.

  • How long does it take to build a website in WordPress?

    The time duration to develop a website in WordPress depends on the amount of content and pages on the website. It may get completed in a small time span of 15 days or may take longer depending on the requirements.

  • Do you ensure a better speed in Google Page insight for the WordPress website you develop?

    Yes we do as, during development, we care of all the parameters that should be followed for a better speed and experience.

  • What Hiring Models Do You Have?

    We mainly deal with two hiring models - dedicated developers where you can choose to higher a dedicated developer or team of offshore developers that can assist you in managing and monitoring the tasks and overall project and hourly hire where we provide our resources at a fixed per hour rate.

  • How can you assure the security measures for my WordPress website?

    By implementing the tactics like securing the login page and blocking brute force attacks, using two-factor authentication, renaming the login URL, and performing the security checks on a regular basis, we can guarantee our way to a secured WordPress website.

  • Does My Website Need A Child Theme? If Yes, Can A Wordpress Developer Do That?


  • Will You Keep Regular Backups Of My Site?

    Yes, we always take a backup on a regular basis.

  • What Information Do You Need To Get Started?

    Basic requirement and credentials for WordPress admin and cPanel if applicable.

  • Do You Follow The Wordpress Coding Standards?

    Yes, we do follow all the latest standards of WordPress coding to develop a quality website or web app.

  • Do you develop an eCommerce website in WordPress?

    Yes, we do develop excellent eCommerce websites with all the standard functionality of an online store using WordPress. WooCommerce is one of the powerful WordPress plugins to achieve this.

  • Can a WordPress Developer Install WordPress Plugins?


  • Will An Additional Site Backup Be Kept By The Developer?


  • Will A Developer Provide Guidance On Maintaining A Website?

    Yes, our developers are always there to provide you the best guidance on how to maintain a website.

  • Will The Site Be Tested Before It Goes Live?

    Yes, we ensure that the site is tested properly before it goes live.

  • Can You upgrade PHP Version and Plugins?

    Yes, we can update the PHP version and plugins to make your website faster and more secure.

  • Do You Provide Support Services after Successfully Launching the Website?

    Yes, we do provide maintenance and support services for a website after the successful launch.

  • Is Site Maintenance Included, And What Is The Cost For Maintenance?


  • Can You Guide Us How to Update Content on Website?

    Yes, we can provide you full guidance on how you can update content on your website.

  • What Makes You Different than Others?

    We believe in placing quality over quantity and ensure to provide top quality services and complete IT solutions at a very reasonable rate. Our aim is to create only the best products for our customers rather than creating the products in bulk.

  • What is WooCommerce?

    WooCommerce is a free WordPress plugin that combines e-commerce functionality with a WordPress website and allows you to convert your website into a fully-functional online store.

  • How can we make a WordPress website secure?

    By installing WordPress security plugins, using strong passwords, disabling file editing, installing SSL certificates, limiting login attempts, updating the WordPress version, etc. we can ensure a secure WordPress website.

  • Do you help us with SEO for our WordPress website?

    Yes, we do employ the latest SEO techniques on your website to drive more traffic towards it.

  • How much does it cost to build or develop a WordPress website?

    The cost of developing a WordPress website purely depends on your budget and business requirements. Depending on your requirements, the cost can range from $100 to $500 to $3000 or even go up to $30,000 or more.

What We Believe

At IndyLogix, our goal is to provide top quality services and complete solutions in cutting edge IT technology at the best competitive rates. That is why we only hire the best tech minds in the industry.

Over the next five years, we plan on growing into one of the top Indian IT Offshore Solutions providers for the leading IT giants across the world.

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